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MAX Worldwide manufactures the highest quality Bikram yoga wear for men on the market in New York City. They move with the body, and include a double lined fitted pouch for support and comfort. The shorts were designed and manufactured in Manhattan by Otto Cedeno, owner and director of Bikram Yoga Union Square.


  • Double Lined Fitted Pouch for Support and Comfort
  • MAX moves with the body
  • Quick Dry Fabric
  • Hang Dry Hook
  • Four Way Stitching
  • Designed and Manufactured in Manhattan
  • The Highest Quality in Men’s Bikram Yoga Short on the Market

When choosing the right clothing for any form of heated yoga, you first must consider the type of yoga you will be practicing.  What men wear to Bikram Yoga should be pretty snug and keep them contained so as not to fall out when performing difficult postures.  The more form fitting the short, the better.  For people that are serious about Bikram Yoga, we recommend the Max Classics.  Generally, for Bikram Yoga, men don’t typically wear tops.

The next thing to consider is your own comfort level.  If you are a more conservative practitioner, you will probably be more comfortable and at ease in a looser short.  The key is to remember you want to be focusing on your practice, not on what you look like in the mirror.  If you have a larger body type, the Max New Generation can hide more of the body, if you are not as comfortable with your figure.

Daily practitioners of Bikram Yoga know that less is more when it comes to your clothing.  If you just practice a few times a week, you may want to choose the Max New Generation short as the functionality of the short is not as important.

Finally, Bikram Yoga and all forms of yoga, are meant to be enjoyed, so wear what makes you feel good!

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